In 2016, Parkhill was chosen once again to breathe new life into the Teague Special Events Center at Abilene Christian University through a 4,200-square-foot renovation and addition that aimed to meet the practical concern of consolidating the separate entrances to the Special Events Center and the Athletic Offices into a single point of entry.

The gallery space also allows ACU to continuously tell stories of not only ACU athletics but pioneers of the university and the great things that have been accomplished over the decades.

The addition occupies what was formerly the porte-cochere, transforming a utilitarian outdoor space into a vibrant reception space for the entire building while working within the existing building footprint and structural system. The exterior of the building is clad in silver aluminum panels and a generous amount of clear glass that expands the interior space to the outside while creating a visually appealing counterpart to Wildcat Stadium to the north. An aluminum-clad cantilevered canopy provides cover at the drop-off while the geometry of the glass storefront gently guides visitors to the entrances, which are symmetrical to the reception space.

Using a simple material and color palette, the interior includes folding oak plank panels, a central, custom stainless steel, and oak reception desk, and a gallery featuring integrated static and interactive displays that tell the stories of several notable ACU academics, athletes, and partners. Light is an important element throughout as natural light floods the reception space, concealed lighting defines interior geometries, and accent lighting places emphasis on displays throughout.

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