The Fifth Avenue Retail project in downtown Canyon, Texas, is a retail building infill project where a parking lot existed on the south side of the city square.

It completes a formal pedestrian procession that connects parking to the downtown core. It is the gateway to downtown for many visitors and provides an immediate retail experience before visitors actually arrive onto the square perimeter sidewalk system. Special design consideration was given such that pedestrian circulation movements were understood and that interaction between the pedestrian and vehicular circulation paths were minimized. This helps to maintain a safe, walkable environment downtown. The existing pedestrian circulation around the perimeter of the square was maintained on the north side of the project site.

PSC worked closely with the Canyon Economic Development Corporation, the City of Canyon, and Blue Bison Investments LLC, a local developer, to understand their needs and desires. Landscape materials were incorporated to accent the architecture. PSC worked with the developer to define their vision of providing a retail experience which would add vibrancy to the downtown shopping experience while maintaining the historic vernacular using elements and materials which related to other buildings on the square.

Planting beds and trees were utilized to soften the built environment and provide an expanse of varying colors, forms, and textures in the pedestrian mall. Plant materials were selected based on their lower maintenance and water requirements. Irrigation systems were designed to provide the most efficient water supply to the plant and minimize runoff or overspray onto the architecture. Subsurface stormwater systems were used to ensure proper conveyance of water off the site. Pedestrian level lighting was incorporated in to the planter walls for added ambient lighting and to accent pedestrian zones.

The outdoor spaces provide a safe and inviting environment for dining and retail enthusiasts. A final touch by the developer was the addition of a buffalo statue which will adorn the central pedestrian path at the center of the project, completing a symbolic gesture to the strong ties of this community.