For the addition to William David Surratt Elementary, PSC designed a 21st Century learning environment for Clint ISD similarly to Caroll T. Welch Elementary. The project space includes 12 classroom “studios,” a teacher workroom and restrooms. Solid folding partitions between classrooms and folding glass partitions between classrooms and HUB space allow for collaboration between studios and can open up to create larger learning environments and break-out spaces. This space is designated for the youngest of students. Natural day-lighting through clerestory windows and an open concept, vibrantly colored geometric shaped ceiling panels and an exterior learning courtyards compliments the excitement of new growth and the spirit of learning.

Renovations to the existing school include completely re-roofing about 75 percent of the buildings with an energy-efficient roof system, the remodeling of existing restrooms to be handicap accessible and a new nurses office. Administration areas are redesigned with a security vestibule for better functionality and control of visitors.