Parkhill was hired to design a Hybrid Operating Room for Covenant Health Systems. The new, 1,000-square-foot surgical room includes a control room, a sub-sterile room and a large sterile supply room.

This project was unique for many reasons. First of all, its location within the hospital’s surgical sterile core required an enormous amount of communication between the architect, contractor and facilities infection control personnel. Additionally, the floor-to-floor heights were minimal, requiring a great deal of planning and coordination by Parkhill engineers. It was imperative that all ductwork, plumbing, electrical service and structural supports fit exactly within the small space without any conflicts. Finally, the installation of the Phillips-brand C-arm and Stryker-brand equipment booms required a great deal of coordination.

The room’s design reflects its high-tech functionality. The equipment bank is stored behind frosted glass doors that feature color-changing LED lights. The walls are covered with impact-resistant panels with a brushed stainless steel facade. The flooring is seamless rubber with the C-Arm’s field of movement color-coded into it. Parkhill designed the HVAC systems to coordinate with the existing OR system. It includes a brine chiller for rapid cooling and heating of neonatal heart patients.