The main room is “a chapel within a chapel” housing rows of bench seating for 50 people. Each row has two benches, one longer and one shorter on either side of the aisle, providing appropriate seating for group gatherings as well as individuals wishing to utilize the space. The ceiling configuration defines a smaller “chapel” within the larger room above the shorter benches.

The benches are divided by a center aisle that is on axis with the main sidewalks north and south of the building. This axis is further reinforced by a future project that will link Midland College and Midland Community Theater with a pedestrian bridge spanning a draw.

The east wall of the main room is composed of glass overlooking a garden area. Outdoor seating continues in the garden area along the same pattern as the indoor main room seating. A perimeter fence defines the garden area. The garden has open spaces for outdoor gatherings as well as landscaped areas providing places of solitude.

A bride’s room and restrooms are located at the south end of the building.