The Doubletree Ranch property has been an iconic landmark in the Highland Village community for over 60 years. Claiming a prominent bend in the road on Highland Village Road, the signature pine trees and rolling vistas have long greeted visitors into the city since even before the development of the I-35 corridor.

Parkhill | Schrickel Rollins was hired to design and develop the new one-of-a-kind Doubletree Ranch Community Park. The park conveys the story of the land, celebrating the natural phenomena and cultural storylines that are endemic to this property and in line with the village’s planned preservation of open space throughout a lakefront community.

The park is environmentally responsible, sustainable for heavy use, and provides a variety of activities and experiences that incorporate play, art and community entertainment. Among the unique features are glare control lighting fixtures in the athletic field to reduce the impact on adjacent residences, parking lot stormwater biofilters and state-of-the-art water treatment for water reuse, a butterfly garden, multifunctional sports fields, and aesthetic lighting and designs. Parkhill | Schrickel Rollins saved all the trees in the lakeside retreat, designed three wet play sequence zones and 66 water sprays, an amphitheater and a party room. The splash pad is the largest that Parkhill | Schrickel Rollins has ever designed. These features reflect the heritage of a western ranch with a stream bed running through. All of the stormwater flows into a 4-acre irrigation and fish pond featuring a boardwalk.

This was the largest park development project that the city had ever done. The project was recognized with the 2018 Texas Recreation and Parks Society North Central Texas Region Design Award.

one-of-a-kind community park