PSC is currently working with El Paso ISD for renovations and additions to Coronado High School. The scope of the project includes site work to improve parent and bus drop-off zones, parking, track and field activities, storm drainage, utility upgrades and a centralized courtyard. The building renovations include alterations to an existing building for tennis locker rooms, the existing stadium field house, restrooms in the library building and the competition gymnasium which include new mechanical and electrical systems. The additions include a 2-story fieldhouse, an agriculture building, and a 3-story administration and 21-Century Learning classroom building. The new larger square footage for administration and classrooms is a replacement for two existing 95,000 SF administration and classroom buildings which will be demolished.

Coronado HS DemoGroundbreakingVideo from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

The dramatic upgrades on the campus create a learning environment similar to a college setting with the flexible collaborative spaces and open campus courtyard. The courtyard will create a culture for numerous outdoor activities and provide a centralized venue from all perimeter paths. Pedestrian areas will be re-focused and vehicular circulation will also be improved for safety and improved traffic flow through the site.

The design of the new buildings is modern in its open design and use of sleek materials. PSC’s objective was to create a powerful example of contemporary architecture that makes an innovative statement on a campus that is rich in history and tradition. A distinctive building angle will mark the front façade presenting a true sense of identity for the Thunderbirds.

The construction of this project will be separated into several packages and phased to accommodate ongoing school activities.