PSC designed this two-story, 79,000 square foot faculty office and classroom facility on a right angle, creating a large outdoor courtyard that can serve as an outdoor classroom. The exterior of the building matches the rest of the heavy masonry style seen on campus. However, the walls facing the courtyard combine metal and glazing to create a beautiful, surprising contrast with the rest of the campus.

The courtyard creates a natural progression into the two areas of the building. The main, two-story area features a variety of classrooms and a central lobby centered on the crux of the building’s two wings. Also near the core of the building, sits a 100-seat classroom for hosting small seminars and other community functions with the ability to also utilize the two-story lobby. The second floor of the main building also features classrooms and houses a student lounge and an outdoor terrace, both of which offer views of the heart of the campus.

The one-story faculty office wing connects to the main building with a breezeway. The entryway exemplifies the University Center concept with its space for representatives from each of Texas’s four-year universities. The faculty offices are arranged along the outer walls of the building so that each one has a window. The inner core of the building contains two classrooms for general instruction, instruction related to the University Center and faculty meetings. This wing also includes a faculty work space, break room, and storage.