Meeting the growing needs for higher education and vocational instruction in West Texas, the Howard County Junior College District sought to establish a unique identity for their regional campus serving the Concho Valley region in San Angelo, Texas.  It was determined this unique, distinguishable presence could best be expressed by merging the fundamental character of the main campus located in Big Spring, Texas (common building materials) with a contemporary design approach suited for the San Angelo campus.

The project included a comprehensive, long-term Master Plan for phased campus growth, as well as Phase 1 execution of the Master Plan; two new academic and student support facilities totaling 45,550 GSF.

Overall development involved the conception of a new campus green space stretching west on an axis. This axis created a centralized student circulation ‘spine’ isolated from student parking areas.  This new green space core was envisioned to reduce pedestrian and vehicular intermingling for a commuter dominant campus. The new green space core also provides an open area for student-oriented social activities, outdoor study and media events.

The Academic Classroom Building (25,650 GSF) provided general purpose classrooms, a large Lecture Hall, a Distance Education Classroom, Computer Lab academic education, adult literacy education and GED education supporting post-secondary associates and CTE programs.  The new facility included administrative faculty and staff offices as well as a proctor monitored, accredited Testing Center to support the local community and college’s academic charge.

The Student Service Building (19,900 SF) provided educational support to students inclusive of a Resource Library (digital and hardbound content), Admissions & Record, Academic Advisement and Counseling, Financial Aid, a Bursar, Student ID and administrative support staff spaces.