The opening of the new Jayne Ann Miller Elementary School was more than six years in the making, starting with the master-planning process that PSC led.

PSC helped guide the administration and citizens’ advisory committee through the difficult task of consolidating two existing schools into one campus. PSC was selected to design the school after the successful passage of the bond.

The school site offered advantages for traffic circulation, ample play area and a prominent view from Loop 289 across the city park that adjoins it. But the park was also part of the 100-year flood plain which gave a limited available footprint for the building. So one of the first design challenges was to create the first, two-story elementary school in Lubbock. And do it in a way that did not overpower the residential neighborhood.

Principal Kevin Booe said that Miller’s transparency and an open heart as a teacher was an inspiration in the design.

“The many windows of the new school reflect who the former educator Jayne Ann Miller was,” he said.

The exterior design blends gabled roof elements at major entrances and focal points with the two-story classroom areas. The brick patterns highlight an abundance of windows that provide excellent light and wonderful views of the neighborhood looking out.

Playful ceiling elements in the cafeteria and a large, grand stair at the entry provide a warm and inviting welcome to students and guests alike. The new school offers a dedicated art room and science room that share doors to the outdoor classroom that is terraced on a hill over the park.