PSC recently finished a new children’s addition at Mid-Cities Community Church. This design creates five very distinct environments for the church’s toddlers, preschoolers, 1st-4th graders, 5th-6th graders and youth ministries, respectively.

The church and PSC teamed up with Worlds of Wow to develop a unique theme for each of the five areas, all revolving around the central idea of “Kid’s Cities.” The design is a wonderful street scape with storefronts, fire stations, car washes and a large indoor playground. The different themes helped create an identity for each area, which provides an ease of way-finding throughout the facility.

One of the key design ideas with this project was flexibility. PSC designed the addition with as much flexibility as possible, so that each space could be used for multiple functions. The toddler areas will be used for Parent’s Day Out during the week, and Sunday school on the weekend. The commons area will be used as a banquet hall, reception area, as well as the main check-in and circulation space on Sundays. The four different worship areas will be used for bible studies, conferences, staff meetings, and other ministry gathering needs.

Such a large addition required special attention to security. PSC designed a large children’s check-in area with multiple check-in kiosks. Each area is secured with push-button activated security doors. Closed-circuit cameras and activation of the security doors all direct back to one security center. PSC understood it is hard for parents to leave their children in a new environment, so the security system was designed to allow parents the opportunity to view their children in their classrooms from the security center.