In 2012, SRA/PSC was tasked with devolving a park to blend a lighted, tournament-level, multi-sport complex into a residential area. North Park, as it is now called, is nested in the countryside of Southlake, Texas, offering state-of-the-art sports luxury to the community.

SRA/PSC designed three playing fields for lacrosse and flag football that can easily convert to accommodate additional sports. Each field provides stadium-type, elevated bleachers and large shade structures to provide shelter from the elements. In addition, the fields are equipped with state-of-the-art lighting for evening games that direct the lighting onto the fields with inconsequential light pollution. A wide concrete hike and bike trail outlines each field.

At the entrance of the 20-acre park, a 0.85-acre retention pond captures stormwater from the fields and provides irrigation for the facility. The rustic, Texas-style buildings house concessions and restrooms. In addition to the structure, a playground was added below the picnic table area. The location of the playground gives parents the opportunity to sit at the picnic tables above the playground so that they can see the games on the lacrosse fields and easily see and access the playground below. This unique layout also led to the ability to have different levels within the playground, tying it together with a naturalistic theme of native grasses, boulders, and whimsical, hollowed-out trees with slides and other play elements constructed of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

The success of this project has been realized in many ways. For one, it has provided the rapidly growing community with facilities that bolster the quality of life in Southlake. The community has a state-of-the-art place to play, explore, relax, gather and compete. The park has also heightened awareness of Southlake’s quality facilities on a national level, which were brought to light when a nationwide search was conducted for their lacrosse coaching position. When asked about North Park, the coach noted that he had visited and coached in facilities across the nation, and no facility came close to offering what North Park offered for the player, the coaching staff and spectators.

Serenity meets excitement