Multiple facility assessments recommended the demolition of Olney ISD’s 1955-era middle school. The low roof, outdated building systems, extensive life safety and security issues and limited accessibility drove projected renovation costs above the recommended ratio compared to new construction.

Fortunately, sound programing and design preserved the building, economically reanimating it as a modern iconic school that will serve the Olney community for generations.

1b-northeast-exterior-existing Hendrick Southside Medical

Two small additions, totaling just 3,000 square feet, dramatically transform the existing building facade. Monochromatic , multi-textured CMU forms anchor the new design at both ends. The corners of the additions are broken with full height glazing. Floating arched canopies direct visitors to the entries and incorporate the primary form of the adjacent historic barrel vaulted gym.

The somber tones of the original interior were enlivened with a rich color pallet. Innovative lighting, tile patterns and ceiling forms break up the long, narrow corridors. Large windows, and strategically located staff and administration areas, flood the interior with natural light and offer clear site lines of the corridors, parking and approach paths to the school.

Partitions were removed in poorly utilized spaces to create an additional science, classroom and fully accessible areas. Energy efficient glazing and roof insulation compliment mechanical and electrical upgrades. Placing tapered insulation on top of the original flat roof improved drainage and recaptured the above ceiling insulation space for the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, communication, security and fire sprinkler upgrades.

This cost-effective renovation added years of life to a building otherwise destined for the landfill.


Three PSC Projects Honored by AIA Abilene