The new Plains Independent School District not only wanted a basketball/volleyball facility that would rival its new K-12 facility, but one that resonated a sense of pride in the local – and strongly influential – community. Construction began in the winter of 2014 on the 28,000 square-foot gymnasium, complete with 800 stadium-style sunken seats, accessibility between gymnasiums, locker rooms, coaches’ offices and training facilities.

The recently completed K-12 facility is appreciated for its simple design and maintenance functionality which was integrated into the new competition gymnasium. The new gymnasium is designed much like a collegiate facility in its scale, aesthetic and function to meet the specific challenges set by Plains ISD. Because of this, LED lighting in combination with treated natural light was used to conserve energy, and elevated walkways were designed into the overhead structural system to simplify maintenance operations over the court.

These strategies enabled the environment of the new gym to be profoundly simple, straight forward, and incredibly beautiful. These design solutions for the overall facility allowed the district to bring a different type of scale and performance environment to K-12 indoor athletics.