The Performing Arts Center project was an expansion to a large, 1970s building that included the addition of a 935-seat auditorium, black box theater, scene shop, band hall and music practice rooms.

The design team – including administrators, teachers, staff, and design consultants – developed a program to meet the goals for the project.  The team’s understanding of the complexities of this building was enhanced by visiting similar facilities and talking to other school districts. Located atop a prominent hill on a main highway, the PAC is highly visible from several approaches to the small community. It is a landmark statement of a progressive school district and supporting community.

The addition uses energy-efficient systems and utilizes the site orientation for a sustainable goal.  Energy-efficient insulated glass for the north façade lobby was critical. The north and west addition takes advantage of the existing site grades eliminating some excavation costs. The band hall, practice rooms, black box theater and auditorium chamber use a compact arrangement of space allowing an efficient flow of activities and minimizing the travel distances. Enhanced acoustics, intimate seating arrangement and multifunctional stages allow the students, teachers and audience to experience the ambience of a first-class theater.