PSC was selected to perform deferred maintenance improvements for seven buildings at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI). First, PSC assessed the campus needs to help prioritize the most critical improvements with an understanding of what the state legislature wanted. The subsequent work at the school included replacing heating and cooling equipment with energy-efficient equipment, replacing the flooring and some exterior finishes, and upgrading safety factors for students. The color choices in the design considered light sensitivity for some of the students.

Unique to the assessment was planning to ensure the safety of blind or visually challenged students who might be walking around the campus during construction. It entailed developing a plan of which areas the students should avoid, getting with the teaching aides to help the students learn new paths, and coordinating with the contractor.

Also notable about this project was a tight two-week timetable to shut down the electrical primary for the entire campus during the Christmas holiday and bring the electricity back online in time for the next semester to begin. The project involved working with the Texas Facilities Commission as well as school personnel. The buildings were renovated on time and under budget.