UMC East Tower Third Floor is an interior finish-out project that adds 45 patient rooms to the high-demand medical hub of University Medical Center.

Patient rooms are universally designed to serve an elevated level of care including Critical Care. Because infrastructure for high acuity care was planned, University Health System can adapt to future needs with minimal, if any, reconstruction. The overarching concept is one of human-centered care, with empathy for all individuals that occupy the Third Floor.

UMC 3rd Floor ICU from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

Patient care areas are bright with calming nature tones and high-performance finishes. Each patient room is sized to include a family area, thus providing an environment that nurtures patient-family interaction during a stay experience. Every patient room has a private shower, promoting privacy and dignity.  75% of rooms are equipped with an overhead patient lift to mobilize patients sooner while keeping staff safe from work-related injuries by patient handling. Acoustic assemblies and materials are utilized to dampen noise inherent within a medical setting. Patient room entries from the corridor are angled for visual interest while functionally allowing for increased maneuverability of beds and equipment. Direct observation alcoves are integrated into each room, eliminating unnecessary disruption of patients. A total of four airborne infection isolation rooms are provided to meet regional trends in case types. To further foster relational care, a family consult space offers privacy and comfortable seating.

Nursing areas are decentralized throughout the Third Floor and include space to have collaborative meetings with physicians, ancillary staff, and residency students. Service spaces such as medication rooms are duplicated and planned so that the Third Floor can be divided to serve two independent care units and still meet licensure requirements. Two physician on-call suites are provided for physicians and staff, giving a place to rest and recharge. Administrative suites for each unit are planned with internal circulation to mitigate corridor noise and traffic. Public lobbies are detailed with terrazzo floors and oak wainscoting and positioned to have sunrise and sunset views of Lubbock.