PSC was the prime firm that developed the 34th Street renovations project for the City of Lubbock. This project consisted of developing the schematic for 4.5 miles of the street from Slide Road to Interstate 27. PSC also developed the plans, specifications and estimate for the mile between Indiana Avenue and Quaker Avenue.

Since the construction on this major traffic artery would affect almost 600 small businesses, PSC project engineers went door-to-door to discuss the project with every business owner and manager that would be affected. Additionally, we conducted five public meetings to disseminate information about the project and to gather input. All of the time spent getting the public educated and excited about the project paid off when, just before the bidding phase of the construction between Indiana and Quaker was to take place, stakeholders expressed their happy anticipation of the construction.

One of the special difficulties presented by this project was the constraints posed by the existing curb lines. Although the curb and gutter were to be replaced, the slopes that allowed business parking lots to drain to the street had a very small margin for adjustments. PSC spent a great deal of time carefully and deliberately designing the roadway profile and cross slopes for the street. Our design team adjusted and manipulated these features until they were just right, all while verifying that the existing 100-year water surface elevation was not raised.