Reacting to increased reductions in surface water allocations from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, population growth, increased water demand and ground water depletion, the City of Amarillo began master planning efforts with Parkhill in the development of the Potter County Well Field.

The Potter County Well Field was master-planned for an initial capacity of 20 million gallons per day (MGD) with an ultimate capacity of 30 MGD. The firm capacity of 20 MGD allows for 10 percent of the wells to be out of service. Constructing this project required 21 wells, approximately 21 miles of collection pipelines, a pump station and approximately 21 miles of transmission pipeline. The basic design of the collection system routing attempted to utilize existing pasture roads to reduce surface damages and enhance access to the property by the owner. The routing of the collection system coincides with the location of the access roadways and the overhead electric power distribution system forming a utility corridor.

The master-planning of the collection system places the largest pipelines needed for the full development of the well field in their appropriate location. Well buildings have been designed to include a durable pre-cast structure to house the motor control equipment and the instrumentation. Also included in the design is a pump station and power coordination.