The Easy Way II Force Main Interceptor and Lift Station project exhibits PSC’s capability to design major interceptors and lift stations that include complex strategies and challenges. Two of those challenges were to route a pipeline under the Rio Grande and across I-10. The project provides major wastewater infrastructure improvements to serve rapidly developing areas and future development in West and Northwest El Paso.

The anticipated growth in the area would have surcharged the existing Artcraft, Westport, and El Paso West Lift Stations. During the planning, El Paso Water also asked PSC to incorporate the existing Easy Way Lift Station into the proposed improvements. The result was the construction of a large lift station that consolidated the existing stations – Artcraft, Westport, El Paso West, and Easy Way Lift stations – plus a future proposed lift station into one large station.

Using Geographic Information System (GIS) maps to determine the most desirable lift station location and pipeline route, we developed alternatives and worked with El Paso Water to develop a decision matrix. The matrix included factors such as constructability, property, easement and permit acquisition, public acceptance, utility infrastructure conflicts, accessibly, maintenance and capital costs.

The Easy Way II Lift Station is a wet well/dry well configuration with four 125-horsepower variable speed pumps. The station is approximately 45 feet deep and located in groundwater. Because of the topography in the area, the station employs a unique hydraulic operation using a combination of gravity lines, gravity force mains and force mains. This system has the capacity to convey approximately 20 MGD and only pump 13 MGD. Our design was able to use the difference in elevation within the service area to push flow into the force main via a gravity force main. This project was featured at an American Society of Civil Engineers conference.

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