The City of Borger engaged the services of Parkhill to engineer a water system for a new source of potable groundwater in reaction to increasing water demands, reduced water availability due to drought conditions and the prospect of a new $720 million facility adding to Borger’s strong industrial economy.

The Borger Northwest Wellfield project was designed to produce an initial firm capacity of 5 million gallons per day (MGD), with a future capacity of 10 MGD. Hydrogeology for this wellfield was challenging, but Parkhill’s design team was able to determine locations for high-producing water wells using electromagnetic resistivity techniques adapted from the oil drilling industry. Additionally, this system is unique in that it pumps water directly from the wellfield into the city’s water distribution system.

Because of the highly-specialized construction requirements of this project, Parkhill’s team divided it into specialized components that lowered construction costs for the wellfield. With the money saved by splitting up the construction, Parkhill was able to include a second, one-million-gallon storage tank in the facility that currently provides redundancy for operations and will ease future expansion of the system.

Borger Northwest Well Field Project