Due to prolonged drought conditions and its detrimental effect on Lake Meredith, the City of Lubbock’s primary source of drinking water was in need of a secondary water supply source to aid in supplying water. The city chose Parkhill to begin the design and construction of a new water treatment plant on the southeast side of Lubbock. The plant would treat surface water from Lake Alan Henry and would be rated for approximately 15 million gallons per day (MGD) with planned expansions to 50 MGD.

The Parkhill team designed the new South Water Treatment Plant site including a 225-million-gallon terminal storage reservoir, chemical and physical pretreatment facilities and a membrane filtration plant for primary treatment of the potable water. Not only did the Parkhill Team choose to use membrane filtration because of the plant’s small footprint, but also to plan for the city’s future water reuse. This new plant supplements the city’s water needs by being one of three water sources for the City of Lubbock.

The City of Lubbock South Water Treatment Plant was constructed on time with only minor weather delays and less than 1% in change orders. The plant includes a full services administration building with a large laboratory for all of the plants testing needs, offices for the operators, a large meeting room for staff training and other key office needs. The building is planned for future expansions up to 50 MGD and will serve the citizens of Lubbock well for years into the future.