PSC provided office engineering and field construction management services for the Franklin 1A Elevated Storage Tank. This 215-foot tank holds 3 million gallons of water and is part of El Paso Water’s Northeast System Expansion. This project entailed design, bid, and construction of the new 3 MG composite concrete pedestal and steel water tank. The elevated storage reservoir for Franklin East 1A will provide elevated storage for future growth in the area, increase local water pressure, and improve the reliability of service for Northeast El Paso.

The construction also included design, excavation and placement of the tank foundation, concrete pedestal and steel tank, cathodic protection system, tank painting and logo, site piping with water main tie-ins, site grading, paving and access driveway, deceleration and acceleration lanes in a TxDOT right-of-way, overflow basin, rock wall, electrical and instrumentation, disinfection and testing, and other miscellaneous items to complete the project. Change orders were involved for additional work and change in scope.