The Hemphill County Airport faced several challenges and was in need of an engineering firm to provide professional aviation design and construction services.

Located in the Panhandle, the airport needed a solution to keep animals out of the airfield and needed to rehabilitate its runways and taxiways along with lighting, signage and equipment. Hemphill County and TxDOT hired PSC to complete two projects that would achieve these key objectives.

The initial project dealt with minimizing animal intrusion on the airfield and included the installation of approximately 17,000 linear feet of new, specialized airport perimeter fencing across numerous creek beds, 12-foot swing gates and a 25-foot motor-operated cantilever gate. The intent was to accommodate the significant amount of stormwater flow while also keeping animals from entering the airport through this drainage area. PSC developed a solution that included a swinging “gate-type” structure shaped to fit the drainage channel section.

The second project included pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction on Runway 4-22 and all airfield taxiways, including approximately 56,000 square yards of new, hot mix overlay. PSC also reconstructed and widened Runway 18-36, one of the main hangar access taxiways and the aircraft parking apron. PSC replaced the Medium Intensity Runway Lighting system on Runway 4-22 and Runway 18-36, as well as installed new airfield signage, a new airport lighting vault and new pavement markings on all pavement surfaces.