Of all the engineering projects submitted in 1995 for the Engineering Excellence Awards, only one was chosen in the entire nation. The Jonathan W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant, a state-of-the-art facility located in El Paso and designed by PSC, was named the prestigious Grand Award Winner by the American Consulting Engineers Council.

The plant features several unique processes, including ozonation – something new to El Paso at the time – and biological activated carbon (BAC), a relatively new concept in America at the time. The plant, designed by PSC in association with a national firm, was placed online in 1993. The uniqueness of the design was that of common wall construction in the Rogers plant for efficient use of space. The project also employed a unique resource-sharing agreement between neighboring jurisdictions to provide residents with safe drinking water. Lower than anticipated construction and operating costs enabled the client to provide a more affordable treated water supply than planned.

The project timing was influenced federal, state, and local entities with incentives, standards, and funding opportunities. The original 40 mgd plant cost $27 million to build. PSC designed  upgrades to bring the plant capacity to 60 mgd in 2001 and is currently involved in expanding the plant to treat 80 mgd.