PSC was contracted by the City of Lubbock to provide design services for the final phase of the greater Lake Alan Henry Water Supply Project. This consisted of approximately 20 miles of treated water line across elevation changes and eight major crossings, including Interstate 27. The project was completed in two phases, allowing the construction to be coordinated with adjacent housing developments along the route.

For the project, PSC assembled an extensive working model of the 20-mile water line. This model simulated laminar flow conditions and allowed the design team to identify and design an effective surge suppression system. The elevation changes along the route of the water line caused more than 60 psi in pressure loss from one end to the other. Using the model, our design team simulated the current and future flows of each of the three pump stations and were able to accurately depict necessary control valve open and close times. They were also able to predict how the mechanisms would act during the most likely surge scenario to occur during a possible loss of power to the system.

Of all the major crossings encountered, the 735-foot tunnel and bore underneath Interstate 27 was the most difficult. To overcome this challenge, PSC utilized steel liner plate in lieu of typical steel casing so that adjustments could be made for grade as the tunnel was completed. Once finished, a 48-inch concrete line was installed and the annular space of the tunnel was backfilled. Additionally, all of the major crossing required extensive pavement reconstruction and traffic control during construction.


Lubbock Success Story: Lake Alan Henry (TWDB)