PSC recently completed a master plan for the Spaceport Business Park at the Midland International Air & Space Port. This plan included extensive utility, roadway, and drainage analysis and coordination, as well as architectural, landscaping and aviation elements.

The Space Port Business Park proposed at the Midland International Air & Space Port is planned as a 50-acre mixed use development dedicated to supporting the space flight industry, research and related facilities. Operating through its development arm, the Midland Development Corporation (MDC), the City of Midland will provide lease lot locations to prospective space flight industry businesses. The business park is positioned on the southwest side of the airport and contains a range of locational capabilities within the park to suit client needs. This range allows direct airside ramp access for businesses needing hangar/ramp access, along with non-airside building locations for support and research facilities. Available lease lots range in size from approximately one to seven acres and the lease concept allows flexibility in the negotiated lease lot size. This master plan and engineering assessment will provide important information to prospective tenants and facilitate continued development of the Space Port while maintaining its unique purpose and cohesive identity.

PSC worked extensively with local, state and federal agencies during the development of this project. Additionally, PSC was in close collaboration with the Midland International Air & Space Port and was successful in obtaining the very first horizontal take off Commercial Space Launch Site License at a commercial service airport in the United States from the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington D.C.

Subsequent to the completion of the Master Plan, PSC was retained by the MDC to complete the first phase of infrastructure for the park. Included in this design is the roadway, water, sewer, drainage and landscape facilities for a portion of the development, as well as site design for the first two tenants of the business park, XCOR and Orbital Outfitters.