Jay Edwards has worn multiple hats during his tenure at Parkhill. He was named the CEO and President in 2019 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer since 2015, overseeing the company’s strategic efforts.

Edwards grew up on the unpaved streets of O’Donnell, Texas, as a child but soon went on to lead some of the largest and most successful engineering projects in West Texas over the last 18 years. He led Parkhill’s K-12 Sector for 12 years and takes pride in developing relationships and Building Community with clients.

“I love the phrase ‘Building Community’ because it has such a practical meaning, but more importantly it speaks to a greater sense of purpose for me and our organization. ‘Building Community’ can be taken very literally as we build projects within the communities we serve, but the phrase also describes the deeper relationships that fuel our passion for excellence. With each project, we strive to build community with our clients, walking alongside them as we take up their mission and purpose. Often times we go beyond a project and volunteer our time and resources to help build the communities we live within and serve. Working together at Parkhill on such meaningful projects and purposes results in deep and valued relationships among our fellow employees within the Parkhill Community.”

Why did you choose Parkhill?

“I grew up on an unpaved street in a small West Texas town. While I was in high school, Parkhill headed up a program to pave the streets within our community. This significant improvement in the quality of place where I lived was my first introduction to the firm. After that, Parkhill’s reputation for integrity and quality was apparent over and over again. After I graduated with my engineering degree I had many opportunities for employment, however, I was drawn to Parkhill because I knew they made a difference in communities. When I learned the firm also provided opportunities well beyond my own backyard in a wide variety of disciplines, I felt Parkhill offered the best possible balance of career and personal goals.”

Why did you choose to be an engineer?

“A professor of engineering visited my school when I was a senior and told stories of how as an engineer you could apply science, math and design principals to change the world. His presentation spoke to me and I eventually ended up majoring in engineering in college.”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“My wife and I enjoy working in our yard and flower beds. Being outside is very therapeutic for me which is probably why I also love to play golf. I am a huge sports fan and spend a lot of my time watching my kids play ball. I also enjoy woodworking projects in my shop.”

What are your outside affiliations?

“I am a founding board member of a community business group focused on improving education in Midland. I am currently the president of the Midland Lee Lady Rebel Basketball Booster Club and serve on the Midland Lee Youth Center board. I am on the executive board of the Midland Chamber of Commerce and have served as president of the Chamber. I attend Stonegate Fellowship Church and am a member of ASCE, TSPE, CEC and an associate member of TSA.”

What is something interesting about yourself?

“I am from a very small town where my mom was a teacher and my dad owned a grocery store. I have six children. Before joining Parkhill, I worked for a company that manufactured staging equipment for major touring acts such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.”