Joe Rapier has been a champion of the personal and professional development of clients, employees, their families and building communities for 24 years. He joined PSC in 1991 as Project Engineer before moving on to Structural Group leader and Division Manager of the MPE-Structural Division.

Joe now leads a new effort in the business as the Director of Innovation after serving 13 years as the company’s fourth CEO and President.

Since 2006, the Lubbock-based multidisciplinary firm has grown from four offices in West Texas to 10 across the Lone Star State and New Mexico. Joe has also helped increase the full-time staff by 48 percent to more than 400 employees as of 2019.

He drives the strategic direction of PSC. Under his leadership, the firm has embarked on strategic initiatives that include the PSC Leadership Academy for the development of emerging professionals and the Community Investment Initiative which helps give back to the local communities.

The Initiative is grounded in a commitment by PSC to return 1 percent of its revenue to the communities it serves. PSC illustrates the idea of Building Community through grants, employee matching gifts and pro-bono services.

“Building Community is making an impact on people’s daily lives through our professional efforts in the built environment and the personal commitment of PSC to improve our profession and our communities with our time, talent and treasure.”

Why did you choose PSC?

“I knew from my association with the individual professionals and the leadership I wanted to be a part of the organization.”

Why did you choose to be an engineer?

“My father was both an architect and an engineer and a firm owner, so I grew up in the industry and knew it was in my DNA. I sensed a great deal of purpose in the A/E world that speaks to me – I receive a great deal of satisfaction being part of something bigger than my own individual efforts and talent.”

What are your hobbies and interests?

“Boating and anything to do with the water, my 1964 Chevy pick-up and a good ole BBQ.”

What is something interesting about yourself?

“The consistent funding of infrastructure is absolutely critical to the economic viability of our local, state and national economy. I am a huge believer in the capability of the private sector in assisting the public sector to achieve the shared goals of economic prosperity for all citizens.”