Looking Forward


We believe strategic planning informed by data-driven insights is the foundation for high-performing facilities, sites, and communities. What sets us apart is not our ability to design a building, but rather our ability to engage owners in answering the critical questions through our data-driven planning process. We utilize predictive analytics to explore and model planning scenarios that help answer what, when, and where to build, or simply make better use of the resources you already have.

We model data to help you make informed decisions within the context of short-term and long-term financial and operational considerations. Our solutions are guided by objective, evidence-based insights that consider growth and capacity to determine efficiency and future needs. Analytics allows us to find patterns, identify trends, and model scenarios that transform data into design strategy.


  • Geospatial Analytics (GIS) 
  • Market Research & Demographics 
  • Fiscal Impact Studies 
  • Site Selection and Suitability 
  • Facility Space Demand Modeling 
  • Facility Lifecycle Analysis 
  • Peer Benchmarking 
  • Asset Management