Looking Forward


Our Planning Studio builds stronger, more sustainable communities by strategically planning the built environment.  We align your vision with informed insight to translate facilities, sites, and communities into high-performing, dynamic, and thriving places. Parkhill’s planning practice integrates architecture and engineering to shape communities through design strategy and analytics, resulting in dynamic placemaking.

Our work focuses on the intersection of design, technology, and communities. We take a data-driven approach that leverages Analytics to create an evidence-based foundation for decision-making. This gives our clients a deeper understanding of potential outcomes during the planning process. We understand the relationship between strategy and design performance and engage stakeholders to develop strategies that maximize impact and optimize outcomes.

In collaboration with architects, engineers, landscape architects, and other subject-matter experts, our planners utilize systems-based thinking to deliver a comprehensive framework of solutions. Our collaborative expertise creates an integrated planning practice that produces insightful and innovative solutions for the built environment. We address the relationship between land use, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and placemaking to build thriving communities.



  • Facility Master Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Condition Assessments
  • Space Programming


  • Site Master Plans
  • Urban Design
  • Land Planning
  • Campus Plans
  • Mixed-Use Development


  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Park, Trails, and Open Space
  • Visioning and Engagement