1849 Park in Pflugerville, Texas, is a 320-acre community park that provides recreational opportunities for the entire community. Amenities include but are not limited to; soccer/multi-purpose field complex, football field complex, baseball field complex, history center, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, restroom buildings, picnic shelters and pavilions, programmable outdoor space, dog park, amphitheater, maintenance yard, open play/festival space, natural areas, wildflower and prairie preserve, and walking trails.

Schrickel Rollins/PSC was hired to produce a Master Plan document that will guide the development of the park and provide a design vocabulary to establish the character and identity of the park.

The process included:

  • prepared a site inventory and analysis
  • analyzed the opportunities and constraints
  • led stakeholder meetings with city staff, advisory board, sports associations and other user groups who provided the initial information necessary to develop the overall vision for the park
  • analyzed both on-site and off-site drainage issues and prepared a floodplain study of Wilbarger Creek
  • performed an archeological investigation and architectural inventory to document the remaining historically relevant features on site
  • provided a traffic impact analysis to determine how the development of 1849 Park and surrounding proposed developments will impact the existing transportation system
  • analyzed existing utilities and preparing plans for proposed improvements
  • developed multiple conceptual layout plans and presented them at several public input meetings.
  • developed a final masterplan based on the input from the public and city staff
  • prepared a phasing plan and opinion of probable cost for phased development of the park

Phase 1 of development includes:

  • 89 acres of park improvements
  • new multipurpose fields complex consisting of six full size soccer fields with lights, restroom building, playground and food truck parking
  • new football field complex consisting of three football fields, restroom/concession building and playground
  • utilities and infrastructure sized to support later phases of development
  • gateways, lighting, wayfinding signage, and enhanced paving to create an identity and theme for the park
  • park roads and parking lots
  • loop trail
  • landscaping and irrigation