Abilene Christian School moved to the current campus in 1986 to continue its mission to provide students an environment to thrive spiritually, academically and socially. The school was designed with separate buildings surrounding a central courtyard with covered walkways defining the journey between buildings that all share a similar brick facade. The cafeteria addition created an opportunity to update the character of the school’s central courtyard and provide an iconic space for a growing school community. The new addition introduces a large curved form that welcomes gathering and sharing. The large curved roof extends over an outdoor space, creating opportunities for learning outside, while continuous glazing celebrates expansive views to the courtyard from inside the cafeteria.

Twin entries at the north and south encourage flow through the busy dining area. Updates to the cafeteria’s interior include a contemporary floor pattern featuring school colors and increased acoustic control through the ceiling design. New windows from the cafeteria into the gym supplement visibility and connectivity.

New materials including metal panels, aluminum framing and full-height glazing work to update the existing brick found throughout the campus. An outdoor patio with seating, plantings and new walkways enhance the journey throughout the school and its existing courtyard. The result is a memorable and inviting community space that refreshes the school brand while supporting its mission into the 21st century.