Bennett Gymnasium has roots back to the founding of the campus in 1929. As the university grew the gym became underutilized and in need of repairs. The emerging engineering and physics department need for facilities lead to the renovation and adaptive reuse of the historic structure.

bennett-existing-building finish-project-night-shot

The repurposed building is dominated by flexible research labs and classrooms for the students and faculty. The program includes an office suite and public assembly spaces to promote student interaction. Externally, the building received a renovated façade designed to relate to the surrounding campus while respecting its historical identity.

A large double volume project lab anchors the design by organizing smaller teaching spaces around its perimeter. The arrangement allows for visual connection of all of the spaces to promote collaboration and enhance the learning experience. The space to takes advantage of existing fenestration to maximize natural light, ventilation, while maintaining the character and scale of the original shell.

eisting-gym interior-view

The modern steel and glass pallet of the new construction respects the original architecture. The expressed mechanicals of the renovation behave not only as ornamentation, but allow the entire building to serve as an educational tool for the instructors.


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