Church on the Rock wanted a worship center that could meet the current needs of the church and seating demands, but could also be easily added on to in the future. To accomplish this challenge, the facility was designed by PSC with the structure running perpendicular to the stage, and spanning the entire length of the facility.

This design allows the church to add on additional bays in the future to expand its facility, without having to do much demolition. Phase 1 included seating for 775 people, with an additional 375 seats, for an ultimate worship facility of 1,150. The worship center has two types of seating areas and respective functionality. The front half of the facility has flat floor-seating with free standing chairs, creating a multipurpose environment. The back half of the facility is stadium-style seating, with chairs fixed to tiered rows.

A large, open foyer greets visitors as they come into the facility, with full windows to allow in natural light. The commons area has several seating areas, an information desk and multiple coffee stations. The exterior uses natural stone to reinforce the biblical significance of being founded “on the rock.”