Designed to merge several existing facilities into one centralized hub, the two-story Community Health Center of Lubbock was envisioned to better serve the community by providing access to care in a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary facility.

Consisting of a dental clinic, eye clinic, pharmacy and 30 examination rooms on the main floor, CHCL is able to provide a host of new and updated services. Working with the owner, the center was designed around a proven examination room layout to provide timely medical care and enhance the overall patient experience.

The second floor of CHCL contains the administration suite, conference room and wellness and education spaces. All of these spaces were designed with the public in mind. This required the design team to allow the ground floor to be sectioned off for after hour events and modified working hours. The administration area makes use of an open floor plan with north-facing windows to provide ample natural light and a better overall working environment for the employees.