PSC helped Covenant Women’s and Children’s hospital continue their philosophy of treating the body, mind and spirit by designing their contemplative and comforting Family Resource Center.

PSC understands that being away from home during treatment places a unique hardship on families, removing them from their friends, loved ones and normal pace of life. Keeping that in mind, PSC designed the Family Resource Center to serve as a place of refuge. The interiors are filled with comforting colors, scenic photographs and uplifting quotes. The centerpiece of the Resource Center is its Tree of Life sculpture — a place for prayers. Like life, the tree is interactive and ever-changing. Visitors can take and leave prayers as they please — helping others while they help themselves.

The multifunctional space of the Center includes rooms for education about disorders and diseases, both for groups and computer resources for individuals. The serenity area was designed to heal the spirit by fostering quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer. There is also space for group therapy, allowing parents to meet and share with others in similar situations.