SRA/PSC teamed with Dream Park Fort Worth, a nonprofit organization, to design Frank Kent’s Dream Park for the City of Fort Worth. This design went above and beyond ADA compliance to bring a higher level of inclusive play to Fort Worth. Over 200,000 people live with disabilities in Tarrant County, and approximately 29,000 of Tarrant County students need special education. Play has a crucial role in optimizing growth, learning, and development for children, and this park helps the Fort Worth community accommodate every child and guardian.

Frank Kent’s Dream Park has a 1.3-sq-acre, inclusive playground that features rubber surfaces to allow easier access for those with wheelchairs and walkers; swings with back support for children with low muscle tone; a roller slide to provide deep-muscle stimulation; Cozy Dome structures to provide quiet spaces for those with sensory processing disorders; a We-saw seesaw that rocks gently; a ZipKroozTM zipline with two bays, one with a disc seat and one with a molded bucket seat with lock-in-place harness, so children with limited core strength can participate; a Sway Fun glider with room for two wheelchairs and two large benches for other passengers; and more.

Even the park grounds are adapted for inclusivity. The new parking lot has handicap accessible parking and extra wide sidewalks. This sensory-rich environment includes many musical and parallel play opportunities, too, and is a chance for community members big and small who live with disabilities or not to play together.