The City of Frisco asked for the design of a baseball 5-plex at Harold Bacchus Community Park that would, when combined with five existing baseball fields, create a tournament quality facility.

The first step in this project was to update the existing master plan for the park. The program of elements for the master plan included five youth baseball fields (200’ F.L.), restroom/concession building, maintenance building, materials storage yard, batting cages, playground, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, two soccer fields and 440 parking spaces.

A significant challenge that had to be resolved during the master plan process was how to arrange five baseball fields in a relatively narrow space (600’) with 18 feet of elevation change across that distance. The solution was to pull the fifth field out by itself and align it with the main entrance, so it had a strong connection to the other four fields and did not appear as a leftover piece of a puzzle while allowing the complex to fit in a tighter arrangement. Retaining walls were required but used sparingly to reduce cost.

Another challenge overcome during the master plan process was how to create a safe pedestrian connection between the proposed complex to the existing complex when they are separated by an existing parking lot. The solution was to route a sidewalk around the existing parking lot that connected the main entrance of the proposed complex to the main entrance of the existing complex.

Once the master plan was approved by the city, design development and construction documents were completed. An important aspect of this phase of the park development is that it needed to blend with the previous phases, so it appears as a whole instead of separate pieces.  This was accomplished by incorporating similar materials, colors and patterns from the existing complex into the new 5-plex.  This was most important in the architectural elements and the paving patterns so when users move from one complex to another it is a seamless transition.

Although it was important that the new complex blend with the existing complex it was also important that the new complex be state of the art in terms of baseball complex design and user/spectator experience.  The new complex included: terraced concrete bleachers with aluminum seating, elevated scorekeepers station, wrap around bleacher shade structures, covered dugouts, fenced warm up areas, centralized playground, covered seating at playground, covered seating at concession stand and lighted batting cages.