Hendrick Medical Center saw the need to bring healthcare to southern Abilene to better serve its growing community. The first phase of this vision is the Hendrick Medical Plaza, a 44-exam-room, 35,000-square-foot freestanding clinic. The team designed the clinic to be a comprehensive healthcare destination with hospital-based and private practice physician suites, including family practice, internal medicine, pediatric, ENT, OBGYN and orthopedic specialties. The facility also provides outpatient laboratory services, a blood center, physical therapy services, and imaging services, including X-Ray, CT scan, echocardiogram and ultrasound.

The second phase added a 13,000-square-foot Emergency Care Center designed to Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facility (or FEMCF) standards. These include a trauma room, eight exam and treatment rooms, and an MRI with full access to outpatient imaging services.

Phase three adds a comprehensive outpatient Hendrick Wellness Center, including Hendrick Health Club, medical spa, café, pharmacy, additional physician office suites, and expansions to the emergency care center.

To create a favorable patient experience, the design team incorporated several strategies. The first divided the building into four pods that each has its own waiting room and sub-waiting areas served from a central entrance and waiting area. This layout helps with patient flow and reduces wait times because it puts physicians and staff adjacent to their exam rooms for increased efficiency. Adding intuitive wayfinding for ease of navigation also decreases patient and visitor apprehension, improving their overall experience. Another strategy involved providing plenty of daylighting opportunities since it is proven to lower patient anxiety levels.