The La Fe Pediatric Clinic has been renovated into an inviting medical clinic that has become part of a cohesive campus. The original urban site was made up of three shuttered homes, two vacated medical buildings, a single car garage, and a two-story apartment building. The homes were demolished to create additional parking and the remaining buildings were rehabilitated to define a single-use medical complex. The rehabilitation involved complete demolition of all interior partitions, doors, windows and ceilings, a complete re-roof, along with new electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems. Each building had a different floor elevation; therefore, the clinic now has five finish floor grade levels that now transition smoothly within the corridors.

When it was completed the clinic was renamed the José Román MD Pediatric Clinic after a beloved pediatrician in El Paso. The project includes a complete 3,937-square-foot remodel of a one-story and two-story building, and a 2,221-square-foot addition (a portion of which is the Women Infants and Children Program office), along with exam rooms, offices, large conference/training room, a classroom, pharmacy, and lab room among other amenities. The interior was designed to be durable and low maintenance, yet multicolored and playful. The renovation was completed in July 2008.

One year following the completion of the pediatric clinic, another building was renovated to become an adult clinic. Since the property was limited in area, spatial planning was imperative to provide all the programmed spaces for both clinics and still allow space to accommodate parking and landscaping requirements. The parking lot was designed to be shared by both the pediatric clinic and the adult clinic. The two facilities are now a united on the Centro De Salud Familiar La Fe medical campus.