The Fire Training & Administration Complex consisted of four individual buildings including site development for drives, parking, streets for a training field and a retention pond to collect storm water and run-off water from the training exercises. The four buildings included an Administration Building, a Vehicle Maintenance/Storage Building, a Training Tower and a Burn House.

The Fire Department Complex sits on an 18.7-acre site near the Lubbock International Airport. The site was designed with the two most prominent buildings — the Administration Building and the Fire Training Tower — set on an axis that runs to the northwest at a 45-degree angle from the southeast corner of the property. This axis extends from the main entrance lobby of the Administration Building to the Training Tower to the northwest.

A large space was left between the secured employee parking on the north side of the Administration Building, and the Training Tower to provide for ceremonial events. A semi-circular driveway and public parking area wraps the Administration Building on the south side and connects to both Martin Luther King Boulevard and Ursuline Street. The Maintenance Building was located on the west side of the site away from view of the main thoroughfare and located to share the common driveway that is used for access to the Training Field and shared drive for access to secured employee parking and return traffic to Fire Station No.2.

Due to its length, the Maintenance Building helps provide a windbreak from the prevailing southwest winds. The Burn House is directly North of the Training Tower. The training field occupies the north half of the site and was laid out with streets of varying widths simulating commercial and wide and narrow residential street widths and alleys. The street system, in the training field, was graded to drain all water accumulation to the retention pond for possible reuse in training exercises.