Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Greenville, Texas, loves its community, its calling and its congregation. In order to accommodate the incredible influx of household growth in North Texas as well as following in the steps of the city’s motto: “Rich Heritage, Vibrant Future”, this church wants to continue evolving beautifully while being fiscally responsible and creative with its existing facility.

The current square footage of Ridgecrest Baptist Church to be revamped is approximately 40,000 square feet. The main dilemma was creating a more open and welcoming impression that would generate a dynamic impact — especially from an exterior perspective, while expanding the interior to create a more efficient and productive ministry facility. The tight corridors of the older buildings were often crowded, difficult to navigate and hard to provide security throughout the education and children sections. The growing church, which is on the main thoroughfare through town, found PSC’s repurposing design to be the exact footprint it needed strategically to stand out and welcome new families as they search for an established church to call home.

PSC’s design renovations will produce a stunning plaza design that will draw every eye with an enhanced and connected parking lot that will centralize the campus. There will be a new gathering lobby for families to connect with their new neighbors and friends, as well as a fantastic, secured and self-contained children’s area that can be monitored from every angle.

By updating these specific areas of Ridgecrest Baptist Church, the entire facility will be perceived as a quality and modern space that meets the needs of each attendee.