Willow Park Baptist Church has never had small dreams for its community. These pioneers have trusted God in big ways: From a small storefront building, to a 600-seat Worship Center, and now a 54-acre campus that reaches into the future as they seek to follow the “Eternal Mission” that God has for them.

In looking ahead, this ever-forward thinking church has known for some time that they needed additional space to carry out their calling to serve and work in the Willow Park and Aledo communities. Service to others and keeping a tight knit church family were a priority for their new facility. In order to do this, Willow Park Baptist Church asked us to put on paper the vision that keeps them on the forefront of its ministry.

Four phases top out this Master Plan and each expansion takes their congregation church roots deeper.

Phase One will include a Worship Center with stadium seating for an excellent view of the platform from anywhere. Only a few steps outside the Worship Center, parents will have quick access to a secure children’s space. A gathering center with a café will draw people together into deeper connections and a secure children’s center only steps away from the main assembly area. This phase will be also be a part of a Tree-line, backyard concept where families can find some time to enjoy the expansive outdoors.

Phase Two will include broadening the youth and outreach ministry by expanding into community sports fields as well as a large gym and recreational facilities. Students will be able to enjoy athletic events and individual break out rooms with food preparation capabilities.

Phase Three will create a deepening sense of support in the area of arts and small group gatherings. This construction phase will be attached to the assembly building and be interconnected for ease and accessibility of all members.

Finally, Phase Four will be education driven with adult gathering rooms for Bible studies and a commons area. There will be an addition of a larger kitchen area that will help create sustainability of the tight knit family-feel that Willow Park Baptist Church has come to enjoy.