Looking Forward

From ASHRAE Transactions l 2012, Vol. 118 Issue 2

By Jared Higgins l Stephen Foster l Ryan Bailey

With utility costs projected to increase in the near future, many developers and planners are beginning to view energy conservation measures more seriously. Energy modelers are going to be consulted more frequently in order to determine the feasibility of implementing these measures into future projects.

However, before justified decisions can be made regarding incorporating energy conservation measures, a determination must be made on how accurate current energy modeling predications are based on actual measured data. This paper will address a study performed on four facilities comparing projected energy use versus measured data. The facilities encompass a wide range of building type, HVAC systems, climate regions, and operation schedules. The data provided will assist developers and planners with understanding the benefits of energy modeling and offer ideas to help further reduce discrepancies between modeled and metered data.