Runway 17R-35L is 11,500-feet long by 150-feet wide and serves as the primary runway for general aviation, commercial and military traffic at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB). At roughly 40 years old, the outboard 50-feet of concrete was exhibiting signs of fatigue and material related distress, including longitudinal cracking, D-cracking, surface spalling, potential alkali-silica reactivity damage and perched water. This was leading to increased maintenance cost and diminished safety.

PSC’s design team was charged with the initial task of assessing the pavement condition, analyzing alternative remedies, and recommending a solution that addressed funding, airfield safety, and continuous access to all parts of the airport. The final scope included full-depth reconstruction of the outboard 50-feet on each side of the keel, isolated panel replacement, crack seal, joint seal and spall repair in the keel, widening of the blast pads to the 200ft, demolition of Taxiway A, rehabilitation of the asphalt shoulders, installation of new high intensity edge lights, installation of an edge drainage system and re-grading the safety area for compliance with current standards.

The project involved seven firms, over 20 individuals and more than 40,000 man-hours of professional services from planning through construction.