The City of Midland contracted with the Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 (FWSD1), forming a public-to-public partnership to design, build, operate, and finance the development of the T-Bar Ranch project. Under the water supply contract, the district agreed to provide water to the city from the T-Bar Ranch well field.

The project consists of the following major components:

  • Well Field – 45 wells (approximately 550-feet deep) are located on the T-Bar Ranch in Winkler County and will produce a peak flow of 20-million gallons per day. Site work includes 15-miles of well access roads and 12.5Kv overhead power distribution system.
  • Well Field Collection Piping – A network of well field collection pipelines, varying from 6 to 36 inches in diameter.
  • Well Field Storage Reservoir – A two-million-gallon, pre-stressed concrete covered ground storage reservoir adjacent to the High Service Pump Station.
  • High Service Pump Station – Four 900 horsepower, high-service vertical turbine pumps with a firm capacity of 20 MGD located inside a precast concrete building. Site work includes 12.5kV power drop to a substation transformer providing 4,160 and 480-volt power.
  • Transmission Pipeline – 59 miles of 48-inch diameter transmission pipeline from the T Bar Ranch Well Field to the Terminal Point within the City of Midland. The first 25-miles are uphill to the Intermediate Storage Reservoir, with the remaining 34 miles downhill to the City of Midland.
  • Intermediate Storage Reservoir – A five-million-gallon, pre-stressed concrete covered reservoir at the high point of the pipeline, 500-feet above the Well Field/High Service Pump Station. Site work includes 12.5kV power drop to substation transformer to provide 4,160 or 480 volts power to site facilities.
  • Chlorine Feed Facility – A precast concrete chlorination building will house electrical and chlorine feed equipment, outdoor covered storage area for ton containers, and chlorine gas scrubber system at the intermediate storage reservoir site to provide the contact time (CT) prior to use by the City of Midland.
  • Terminal Facilities – The terminal facility will include a pressure reducer/flow meter/control station and 2-MG elevated storage reservoir.
  • Instrumentation, Controls, and Communications System – Complete Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system will include microwave radio communication towers at the High service Pump Station, Intermediate Storage Reservoir and Terminal Facility.