PSC designed and oversaw the construction of a 19.5-acre cell at the disposal facility for the City of Lubbock. Cell 4 presented PSC with several unique challenges that our team of experts were able to overcome.

Cell 4 consisted of a 19.5-acre footprint with a maximum excavated depth of 70 feet. City personnel had completed approximately half of the excavation, leaving more than 1.38 million cubic yards of material to be removed during this project. The site’s Soil and Liner Quality Control Plan required the liner to be made of geosynthetic clay liner overlaid by a 60-mil geomembrane liner. The leachate collection system overlays the geomembrane liner and features a geocomposite drainage layer and a perforated leachate collection pipe. A gravel “chimney,” that is encapsulated in a geotextile fabric, surrounds the collection pipe and extends two feet up to the protective soil cover layer.

Upon the completion of the liner, a Geosynthetic Clay Liner Evaluation Report and Geomembrane Liner Evaluation Report were prepared. The reports document every phase of construction including independent third party testing of liner materials, liner roll delivery and deployment, and soil thickness verification.