The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) awarded Berl Huffman Sports Complex in Lubbock, Texas, the 2020 Sports Project of the Year Award – Multi-Field. Lubbock’s history with sporting events has proven it to be a top destination for travel. The Berl Huffman athletic complex is composed of 6 full-sized synthetic turf soccer fields which can be converted into 12 youth soccer fields. The City of Lubbock in partnership with Market Lubbock, Incorporated funded the renovations. The Architect for the Berl Huffman Athletic complex was Parkhill, and Hellas Construction was the General Contractor for the project.

Hellas President and CEO Reed J. Seaton said, “We are proud to be a part of the STC and truly honored to receive this award. We feel the Berl Huffman athletic complex is a special project. Not only will the community of Lubbock benefit from the economic value of this newly renovated soccer complex, but the athletes are getting a chance to excel on these soccer-specific fields. Our construction crews, and turf crews all worked diligently on this project and the results are amazing. We want to thank the City of Lubbock, for entrusting us with this important project that will be enjoyed by thousands of children for years to come.”

Safety, durability, and utility were a priority for the City of Lubbock and this soccer oasis has 293,562 SF of Matrix™ Real M turf and GMAX® drain Pad. Matrix™ Real M is the ultimate synthetic turf designed specifically for soccer. The innovative shape of each blade of fiber offers the durability and resiliency needed for an exceptional field of play. The GMAX® drain is a high-density injection molded polypropylene pad made from recycled material and is fully recyclable after use. The infill at Berl Huffman is Ecotherm™ infill which is made from recycled vinyl TPU and cellulose fibers. With cellulose, Ecotherm™ captures ambient moisture from the air, creating an evaporative cooling effect for the turf system and reduces temperature up to 20°F from crumb rubber.

Brent Clifford, Senior Associate at Parkhill, said “Parkhill enjoyed working with Marketing Lubbock, Inc, City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation, and Hellas Construction on the creation of the incredible Berl Huffman Sports Complex Championship fields. Don Stephens, job superintendent with Hellas Construction brings on-site experience that proves to be invaluable.”