El Paso Water featured the Canal Street Tunnel project on “News from the Pipeline” for #EWeek2019. The project was chosen for a presentation at the TxWater Conference. PSC’s Mike Ramirez, PE, is the project manager on this project located in Downtown El Paso. 

From El Paso Water

EL PASO, Texas — Engineers know full coordination is critical to the success of all construction projects. No one knows this better than the various team members who worked on El Paso Water’s Canal Street Tunnel Project.

As EPWater moves to address aging infrastructure across El Paso, the utility’s attention centered on replacing deteriorating lines in charge of providing water to the Downtown community. Complicating the project was the path of the water line, which required tunneling beneath 10 sets of railroad tracks, which had to remain in use. This meant the traditional open cut method or trenching could not be used.

Time Lapse: “Robbie” the Tunnel Boring Machine from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

“No one is ever going to know this water line exists except for El Paso Water, but there is a real sense of satisfaction when you get done with these very challenging projects,” said Mike Ramirez, project manager. “Unlike an architect who can drive by and say to his or her children, ‘Look at this great building I designed,’ when I drive around with my kids I tell them, ‘Do you see that black asphalt patch or that manhole cover? That was daddy’s work.’”

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